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About us

From the winery to your glass, Classic Wine is proud to be a part of every step along the journey of wine for our clients.


In 2006, we noticed there was a need for not only wine storage but ancillary services that wine lovers expect. With just over 4,000 square feet the journey started in Southlake with a few lockers, a refrigerated van and a whole lot of enthusiasm (and sleepless nights!). Fast forward to today and Classic Wine has expanded to three locations, over 51,000 square feet and 10 employees to help our members with their wine needs.


Our goal is to help guide our members in their journey of discovering, collecting, and enjoying wine. What began with wine storage has evolved to include inventory, transportation, wine travel, wine tastings and social events, procurement, cellar construction... just to name a few services.


At Classic Wine, we all enjoy wine. But more importantly we value the relationships that are established with each one of our clients. As these relationships grow, our members become friends and like a part of the family.

Whether you are a college student who is stashing a few bottles or a Fortune 100 CEO, we love to hear about your own journeys and experiences. We are continually working to expand our knowledge and learn from the members of the Classic Wine community.