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During The Journey of a client’s collection there are often situations where they may look to sell portions of their inventory.

Here are just a few of the more prevalent reasons to sell:

  • Appreciation In Value: Wines that have been held for a few years, over even decades and have appreciated in value over that time, enable collectors to take advantage of the secondary markets and sell their wines for more than they paid.
  • Close To Maturity: for wines that there is a huge market/buyers out there to take advantage of that want to drink vintage wines that are have matured and are ready to drink now.
  • Too Many Bottles, Too Little Time: Sometimes collector’s eyes, or budgets, are bigger than their stomach and they are simply buying much more wine than they are drinking. The downside of this is often having certain portions of their collection that are approaching full maturity with their drinking windows rapidly closing. The upside? Luckily, the secondary markets are full of buyers that are looking for the opportunity to drink mature, vintage wines, often at a premium.
  • Tastes Change: Let’s face it; tastes can change—even with wine. Collector palates evolve over time and wines they enjoyed years ago may not be what they enjoy now. Selling a portion of wines that are no longer of interest to the collector can provide the necessary proceeds to focus their acquisition budget on wines that they are of current interest to them
  • Estate or Divorce Settlement: During legal proceedings where assets need to be divided equally, such as divorce settlements or the distribution of an Estate, wine collections can represent a meaningful part of the assets in question. Often times, liquidation of the collection represents the most prudent and equitable way of properly dividing the proceeds once the wine collection is sold.
For any of these reasons, or perhaps even a different motivation, when collectors are considering selling parts, or even their entire collection, the Classic Liquidation Program will manage the entire sale process for the client; from presenting the collection to long-standing industry contacts, negotiating price and terms on behalf of the collector, coordination of logistics and ultimately, payment of proceeds to the collector.

In an ultra-competitive secondary market for fine and rare wines, Classic will leverage those contacts with top buyers and auction houses to ensure the collector receives optimal payment terms and maximum proceeds for their collection. For more on the Classic Liquidation Program or to submit a list to sell simply email advisory@classicwinestorage.com