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Advisory Services

Classic Advisory offers a specialized suite of services that allows us to assist in all aspects of proper wine collection management. During the time of owning of a collection there can be many changes that occur during that Journey. From looking to sell parts of their collection, to acquiring new wines of interest, or simply making sure its properly appraised and insured, Classic Advisory will help you navigate that Journey every step of the way when those details arise.

What We Offer

Need to find a specific case of 2000 Bordeaux? We can find it for you, from the most respected vendors at the best price. Looking to thin out certain wines in your collection that you have too much of and won’t get to before they hit their peak? We can help you sell those to the right buyers for maximum value. Need an accurate appraisal of your collection for insurance purposes? We’ll do all the research necessary to make sure you are properly covered. Have you lost track with the size of your cellar and are looking for an overall analysis of your entire collection to know what is on the cusp of its maturity or past its peak? We can help you get your arms back around it and provide you with insight on the best strategies going forward in terms of acquisitions, liquidation and consumption.

Appraisals & Analysis

Detailed insights into the value of your collection, current drinkability as well as customized strategies for proper acquisitions and needed liquidations.



Classic leverages top-industry contacts to ensure the collector receives optimal payment terms and maximum proceeds for their collection.


“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy wine, and that’s kind of the same thing.”

Robert M. Parker, Jr.