Case Storage

Safely store your cased wine while allowing it to age to perfection. Our private lockers are configured to meet varying needs, whether it's 12 cases or 1,500+ cases. Case storage is a cost-effective longer-term option for securely cellaring bottles in optimal conditions. Many members preserve their wines in case storage and restock the ready-to-drink bottles in tube storage for easy access.

Tube Storage

Don't miss an occasion to drink from your collection! This storage option will save you from the hassle of searching through boxes Our unique tube storage system is similar to rack storage, allowing wine to be located and pulled easily. Bottles are stocked and stored two-deep in tubes, which are removable from the private locker. Tubes are available in standard 750 ml and magnum size.

Walk-in Storage

Sizeable and growing wine collections often require our walk-in storage option. Many collectors simply prefer this customizable solution for its versatility and convenience. Walk-in lockers are available in various sizes and can be configured with a combination of tube and case storage. What could be better than walking into a room full of wine that you love?

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